Reclaimed Water Makes Sense

The City of Pinellas Park’s “Reclaimed Water” system is beneficial in many ways:

By reducing current and future demands for fresh water to be used for irrigation, reclaimed water helps you save water, while conserving the Floridian Aquifer, our primary fresh water source.

Saves Money

Reclaimed water helps you save money. After the initial connection fee and utility deposit, the charge for reclaimed water should significantly reduce your monthly water bills.

Using reclaimed water saved money spent on fertilizer due to the water’s nutrient rich content (supplemental fertilizing will still be needed).

Conserving water delays for many years the costs necessary to develop new fresh water sources and to upgrade wastewater treatment facilities.

Well water irrigators will save on pump costs for operation, maintenance and repair.

Drought Conditions

During drought conditions, reclaimed water irrigation is not subject to water restrictions which apply to well and drinking water. Also, reclaimed water is odorless and will not stain concrete, unlike well water supplies.


Finally, irrigation with reclaimed water helps you save the environment by reducing the amount of wastewater discharged to rivers and oceans.

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