Why Reclaimed Water?

Water is a valuable and finite resource. More and more people are moving to Florida and they all require water. To ensure there is adequate water for all future needs, the State encourages and promotes water conservation and the use of reclaimed water. Water reuse in Florida is no longer optional. We cannot afford to use our water just once.

City officials recognized that water conservation was of utmost importance. Studies have shown that over 50% of the drinking water used in Florida is for irrigation. Reclaimed water not only recycles a valuable resource but helps save fresh water for purposes other than irrigation.

Connecting to the “Reclaimed Water” system will allow you to be a practicing conservationist of an important resource. Conserving water and preserving the local environment shows foresight in planning for a better tomorrow.

Use it again, Pinellas Park! This is what the City’s “Reclaimed Water” system is all about.

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