Where can I have a shed?

Residential properties are permitted a maximum of two sheds, except for lots zoned “F”, “RE”, or “RR,” which can have more under some circumstances. They are permitted in the rear and side yards but may not be located within easements. All sheds must be permitted through the Building Department. The following rules apply:

    Sheds up to 200 square feet in area and 10 feet in height may be located up to 18 inches from property lines. 

    If the shed is on a concrete slab or similar surface, it must maintain a five-foot setback from property lines. 

    Any shed within five feet of a property line must be oriented so the roof channels water away from the closest property line. 

    Any shed greater than 200 square feet and/or exceeding the 10-foot height limit must meet the applicable setbacks for the zoning district.  

    Sheds should be located at least 10 feet away from the principal dwelling, though written authorization from the Fire Department may reduce this requirement. 

To view more information on sheds and accessory buildings, click here. SECTION 18-1530. - ACCESSORY USE AND SUPPLEMENTARY DISTRICT REGULATIONS | Land Development Code | Pinellas Park, FL | Municode Library

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