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Posted on: July 31, 2023

Book a Librarian

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The Book-A-Librarian service allows you to reserve appointments with librarians for up to one hour of uninterrupted, personalized reference assistance.

Patrons may not schedule more than once a month.   

Book-A-Librarian can help with but not limited to the following:

  • Schedule a library tour, with instruction in use of the library catalog.
  • Download eBooks or audiobooks to your digital device from one of our online resources
  • Complete an online application form for employment, government services, etc.
  • Tech questions or issues that can be resolved within an hour. 
  • Proctor an exam (details are below)

Book-A-Librarian can’t help with the following:

  • Legal advice
  • Medical advice 
  • Tax preparation or advice
  • Appraisals
  • Transcription

Schedule a proctor for a college test.

There is a $10 fee per test, plus any additional postage or copy requirements. Cash and credit cards are accepted.

We accommodate paper and online tests. For online tests, students should have a laptop with settings compatible with the testing requirements in the event library equipment is not compatible. 

Due to the nature of the library, we cannot guarantee a private testing room or continuous monitoring throughout the exam. You will be in view of the proctor and the proctor will check on you periodically.

In the event of a staffing or library emergency, another professional librarian may step in to finish proctoring a test that has already begun.

If these conditions do not meet with the approval of the testing institution, the University of South Florida offers academic proctoring services at both campuses for non-USF students. Dial 727-873-4632 to reach the Student Success Center on the St. Petersburg campus.  

To schedule a Book-A-Librarian appointment  email: or call 727-369-0667 


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