Public Safety Cadet Program

Police Explorers


The Pinellas Park Police Public Safety Cadet Post # 912 are a service orientated group, who coordinate many activities in the community, as well as assist with various city events. The group consists of thirty high school age young adults who have an interest in Law Enforcement as a future career. Participation in the Cadet Program is voluntary, and members agree adhere to the rules of the program.


Weekly meetings are held at the Pinellas Park Police Department on Thursday Evenings at 6 p.m. Meetings last approximately three hours. During these meetings the explorers receive instruction in various police topics. These topics and instruction are the same as what is taught to new police recruits in the police academy.

Police Explorers 2

Becoming a Member

In order to join the program, an interested person must attend three consecutive meetings, and complete an application and have it notarized. At the fourth meeting the applicant is interviewed by members of the post, who then vote on whether to admit the applicant as a new member.

Probation Period

Once accepted, all new cadets serve a 90 day probation, during which they are evaluated on their participation and contributions to post activities. Upon completion of probation, they are provided with a uniform similar to those worn by officers.

Volunteer Requirements

All cadets are required to complete a minimum number of volunteer hours each month. They also earn the privilege of participating in the Observer Ride a Long Program. This privilege is earned through participation in post activities and a testing process