The Pinellas Park Police Department's Records Division consists of a Sergeant, four full-time civilian Administrative Clerks and two part-time civilian Administrative Clerks. 


They are responsible for the accuracy, processing and maintenance of all police documents, reports, crash reports and citations produced by police officers, and police detectives. In addition they are responsible for mail delivery in the station, front counter contacts, report scanning, and data entry. Records personnel are also responsible for making copies and dissemination of reports for the public, State Attorney's Office, law firms, and insurance companies pursuant to Chapter 119 of the Florida State Statutes Public Records Laws

Records Section

Police Report Requests

To request a copy of any type of police report from the Pinellas Park Police Department, please submit your request via (When requesting a report, please include the offense/report number, date, time, location, and which officer investigated the incident.)

Records Office Space

Discovery Requests or Requests for Copies of Videos/Photographs

If you are with a law firm and you have a discovery request for a copy of a (video, photos, 911 calls, or reports) you may submit your request through You will need to include in your request the offense/report number, defendants name, and date of the report. You must also attach a copy of the Answer to Demand For Discovery Letter (ATD) issued by the State Attorney’s Office for processing your request. 

Digital Evidence Requests

For all digital evidence requests, please email

Submitting Requests

If you are requesting that the video/photo media be mailed back to your office, you must send a self-addressed padded mailing envelope to:

Attention to Sergeant A. Matson
Pinellas Park Police Department
7700 59th Street N.
Pinellas Park, FL 33781 

If you are a citizen or with a law firm, or insurance company, and you are requesting a video/photo in a non-criminal case or in a closed criminal case, you may submit the request in the same manner as described above without having to send the ATD letter. For any further questions please contact us.

Requesting a Florida Traffic Crash Report

Florida State Statute prohibits the release of a traffic crash report for a period of 60 days after the report is filed. A crash report may only be released prior to 60 days with the following exceptions: (Individuals involved in the crash, Legal representatives of the parties involved, Insurance agencies representing the parties involved, State and local Law Enforcement agencies). A Sworn Statement must be completed by the requesting party. Through the Sworn Statement Form (PDF) you can print or download the document. After completing the sworn statement please email for a traffic crash report with the sworn statement attached to your email. 

What to Do if You Receive a Parking Citation

If you receive a parking citation (must have received citation in the City of Pinellas Park) you have two options, either pay the fine within 15 days or Enter a plea of Not Guilty.

  1. If you elect to pay the fine amount you must bring in or mail the parking citation to the Pinellas Park Police Department within 15 days. We only accept cash, check, or money order (made payable to the City of Pinellas Park).
  2. If you elect to enter a plea of Not Guilty regarding an issued parking citation, you must within 15 days come in person to the Pinellas Park Police Department and bring your parking citation with you. You will then be required to complete a Not Guilty Plea Form which will then be sent to the Pinellas County Clerk's Office, after which you will receive a court summons in the mail informing you when to appear for your court hearing.

What to Do if You Receive a Traffic Citation

If you receive a traffic citation issued by the Pinellas Park Police Department you should follow the instructions provided to you on the citation or on the citation information sheet provided to you. If you did not receive any information or need further instructions on how to pay a traffic citation or how to enter a plea of Not Guilty please visit the Pinellas County Clerk of the Courts.

Requests for police reports, traffic crash reports, and discovery requests will be filled in the order they are received.