Fire Sprinkler Systems

Minimum Plan Requirements - Fire Sprinkler Systems

Plans Submission

  • Approved plans shall be on site at time of pressure tests and C.O. inspection.
  • System drawings/working plans shall indicate the following:
  • Name and Address of building/project/tenant
  • Name of contractor with address, phone number and certification/ license number
  • Floor plan with dimensions with scale
  • Symbol list and equipment identification
  • Coverage, per manufacturer specifications, for sprinkler heads
  • Identification of zones
  • Compliance with Local and N.F.P.A. Codes 13, 13A, 13D, 13R as applicable including but not limited to the requirements of NFPA adopted additions
  • Sprinkler contractor shall do a complete test of system before the AHJ is called for the acceptance test.
  • Sprinkler contractor shall provide sufficient personnel to properly conduct the system test.
  • Sprinkler contractor or owner shall arrange for an annual test agreement with a licensed sprinkler contractor (if required) approved by the AHJ.
  • A copy of this agreement shall be provided to the AHJ at time of system test
  • Sprinkler contractor shall notify all parties concerned regarding the test. (AHJ, occupants of building, security, central station, etc.).
  • The acceptance test shall include all of the provisions of NFPA 13, Acceptance Tests including but not limited to the requirements for Flushing of Piping, Hydrostatic Testing and Permissible Leakage limits.
  • If a fire alarm system is required for monitoring suppression system, fire alarm contractor shall be on-site during testing.