Building Requirements

Minimum Plan Requirements - General

  • List current edition of the Florida Fire Prevention Code and referenced Codes and Standards on the Cover Sheet.
  • Provide the applicable Occupancy per NFPA 1.
  • Provide interior finish schedules
  • Provide door schedules
  • Provide window schedules
  • Provide hydraulic calculations for sprinkler systems and cut sheets
  • Provide fire alarm cut sheets
  • Provide Life Safety Plan (shows egress, travel distances, exit doors)
  • Provide HVAC CFM schedule

Minimum Plan Requirements - Fire Alarm Systems

When a fire detection and alarm system is required, the guidelines for planning and testing a new fire alarm system as well as the procedures leading to the systems acceptance are delineated.

Plans Submission

  • Approved plans shall be on site at time of inspections, alarm testing and C.O.
  • System drawings /plans shall indicate the following:
  • Name and address of building/project/tenant.
  • Name of contractor with address, phone number and certification/ license number.
  • Floor plan with dimensions with scale.
  • Symbol list and equipment identification (flow, bell, horns, pull, etc.).
  • Coverage, per manufacturer specifications, for detectors.
  • Type of transmitting equipment that transfers signal to central station.
  • Location of zones and annunciators.
  • Compliance with Local and N.F.P.A. Codes 70, 71, 72 as applicable.
  • Location of all devices.

Additional Guidelines

  • All fire control panels are to be installed in location approved by AHJ.
  • If the above panel cannot be located within six feet (6') of a main entrance then an annunciator panel will be required within six feet (6') of the main entrance of the building.
  • Outside fire control panels are not acceptable. Exceptions at the discretion of fire official.
  • Keys are recommended to gain access to the building, fire alarm panel, etc. Fire department key box system shall be used. Contact fire department for an application.
  • Alarm contractor shall do a complete test of system before the AHJ is called for the acceptance test.
  • Alarm contractor shall provide sufficient personnel to properly conduct system test.
  • Alarm contractor or owner shall arrange for a written agreement with a licensed contractor to cover:
    • Equipment and system repairs.
    • Annual total system inspection. Copies shall be provided to AHJ at time of test.
  • Alarm contractor or owner shall arrange for a monitoring agreement with a listed central station (if required) approved by the AHJ.
  • A copy of this agreement shall be provided to the AHJ at time of system test.
  • Alarm contractor shall notify all parties concerned regarding the test. (AHJ., occupants of building, security, central station, etc.). Note: U.L. licensed monitoring stations are the only AHJ approved stations.