Victim Assistance


The Pinellas Park Police Department is committed to providing information and needed assistance, where practical to the victims and witnesses who pass through the criminal justice system. To this purpose, the Pinellas Park Police Department

The Victim Assistance Program was established in 1981.


Goals of the Victim Assistance program include: 

  • To enhance communication and the flow of information between the victim, law enforcement and the court system.
  • To ensure that referrals and information are readily available to victims.
  • To lessen the immediate and long tern effects of trauma experienced by victims of crimes.


Services provided to the community through the Victim Assistance program include:

  • Assessment of and assistance locating emergency needs such as food, clothing, and shelter.
  • Assist victims with completing restitution and victim impact forms.
  • Assist with courtroom familiarization for victims of crime.
  • Assistance with filing Victim Compensation claims.
  • Crisis Intervention for the victim's) and/or those affected by the situation.
  • Explain and/or accompany victim through the criminal justice system and provide transportation when necessary.
  • Provide appropriate referrals to community resources based on victim needs.
  • Serve as liaison for the victim and department with the courts and social service agencies.