Traffic Unit


The Pinellas Park Police Department Traffic Unit educates and enforces the traffic safety laws for some of Pinellas Counties largest roadways.  With a population of nearly 53,000, the traffic traveling along the thoroughfares within our city triple throughout the course of a day.  The traffic unit is responsible for the safety of all types of transportation within the city, ranging from automobiles to pedestrians.  To proactively facilitate safe travels, officers are provided with specific training in multiple fields of traffic enforcement.  The varying fields of traffic include


  • Criminal and civil traffic infractions
  • Traffic crash investigations
  • DUI investigations
  • Traffic homicide investigations
Traffic Unit

DUI Investigations

Officers assigned to the DUI unit have specific training aiding in the detection and prevention of impaired drivers. Officers assigned to the DUI unit are able to attend and receive specific training as Drug Recognition Experts (DRE).  Upon completion of this extensive training course, officers can identify and testify to individuals under the influence of narcotics or chemical substances.  DRE officers utilize an in depth standardized process to determine which of the 7 drug categories an individual may be under the influence of. 

It is estimated that DUI crashes cost citizens over 46 billion dollars a year in both lost wages and health care costs.  Through education and enforcement, law enforcement agencies across the United States collaborate to drive down injuries and deaths caused by impaired subjects operating a vehicle. 

Traffic Homicide Investigations Unit

The Traffic Homicide Investigations (THI) unit consists of officer across the agency who are specifically trained in fatal traffic crash investigation and reconstruction.  During the course of an investigation, officers utilize laser scene mapping technology to document the incident, completing a to-scale diagram of the incident.

Traffic unit 2

Drug Recognition Experts

The department also has certified Drug Recognition Experts. Drug Recognition Experts, also known as DREs, are officers who can proficiently identify individuals under the influence of chemical substances. Drug Recognition Experts assist officers in DUI investigations in helping to determine which of the 7 categories is influencing the individual, who is not able to operate a vehicle safely.


The Traffic Unit's goal is to deter crashes and prevent injuries and death. Whether using marked or unmarked police cruisers, the ultimate goal is voluntary compliance with state traffic laws to increase public safety on the roadway of Pinellas Park through programs such as "Click it or Ticket," "DUI Wolfpacks," and "Child Safety Seat Checkpoints."

The unit typically targets the roadways where a high volume of crashes have been reported.


If you have a traffic complaint or something you want addressed as it pertains to traffic issues please email Traffic Unit.