Computer Training

The Barbara S. Ponce Public Library is offering introductory computer training classes. Students will receive hands-on experience using our laptop lab. All classes are free, however, due to the limited number of lab computers, pre-registration in required.

For times and dates, check the link below:
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Sign up @ the Reference Desk or call 369-0667
The following is a list of classes offered, although not all are offered each month:

Mouse Basics:

This class is for individuals who have little or no knowledge of computers. The focus of this class is to teach users how to use the mouse and keyboard to give commands to the computer. (Computer Skill Level: Beginner)

Introduction to Microsoft Windows

This class will teach the basics of the Windows 10 operating system. Focus areas will include manipulating windows, creating folders, saving and organizing files, and configuration of the desktop. (Computer Skill Level: Beginner)

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2013--Part 1: 

This class provides instruction on the basic operations of the Microsoft Word 2013 word processing program. Topics include areas such as: how to make changes to text, how to set tabs and margins, and how to save and retrieve documents. (Computer skill level: Beginner/Intermediate)

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2013--Part 2:

This class provides a continuing introduction to the basic operations of the Microsoft Word 2013 word processing program. Topics include areas such as: fixing spelling and grammar errors, copying & pasting text, and creating bulleted lists. (Computer skill level : Beginner/Intermediate. Taking Word Part 1 is recommended before taking this class)

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2013:

This class will introduce some of the basic functions of the Excel spreadsheet program. Topics include areas such as: how to enter data, working with columns and rows, and how to enter formulas. (Computer skill level: Intermediate)

Introduction to Gmail:

This course is intended to provide basic training in the use of  the email service Gmail. Patrons will be able to sign up for a Gmail account for free. Topics include areas such as: composing an email message, sending e-mail, creating folders, organizing messages, and working with attachments. (Computer skill level: Intermediate)

Buying and Selling Online Basics:

Learn the basics of eBay, PayPal, and the Amazon Marketplace at this free class.

Smartphone and Tablet Basics:

Been gifted with a brand new smartphone but aren’t sure what to do with it? Perhaps you inherited a tablet but can’t even turn it on. Have no fear, this class is for you! In this beginner friendly course, our staff will show you how to start using your device, offer tips, and explain many of the most popular types of smartphones and tablets. No previous experience is required. (Computer skill level: Beginner) 

Introduction to the Internet:

Browsing the internet does not need to be a confusing or frustrating experience. This introductory course will explain in simple terms what the internet is, what you can do with it, and how to perform basic tasks such as utilizing email and searching for information. Following the course, a simple Q&A session will be offered for outstanding questions. (Computer Skill Level: Beginner)

Cutting the Cable Cord

Feeling strangled by a cable subscription that you hardly even use? Drop by our cord-cutting class and let our tech gurus show you how to get some of your favorite content with just an internet connection.