Officer Of The Year

Officer Copeland

Officer Jeremy Copeland joined the Pinellas Park Police Department in 2015 as a patrol officer. Early in his career, Officer Copeland quickly developed the reputation of being an enthusiastic employee and a motivated patrol officer. 

2021 Police Officer of the Year Jeremy Copeland


Setting The Example

In February of 2017, Officer Copeland was asked to join the Community Redevelopment Policing Unit and later transitioned into the Homeless Outreach Officer position.  In his current assignment, Officer Copeland coordinates his efforts with other law enforcement personnel in conjunction with local social workers to assist the homeless populous in their transition into a more traditional living situation.  

Officer Copeland is genuinely devoted to assisting the homeless in our community.  Along with his dedication, Officer Copeland has a level of compassion for the individuals he serves.  This empathy is noted through his various acts of kindness. Officer Copeland has been known to purchase meals for individuals in need and frequently provides those he serves with essential needs that have been lost or stolen.   Most notably, Officer Copeland assisted a homeless man living in the woods by arranging him accommodations at Safe Harbor.  Not satisfied with simply placing the subject in a shelter, Officer Copeland coordinated resources to acquire a plane ticket so the subject could travel to Arizona where he now has a permanent residence and steady job.  Officer Copeland later received a letter from this particular subject, thanking Officer Copeland for assisting him in getting his life back on track. 

Officer Copeland further displays his level of dedication by making himself available to officers interacting with the homeless community at all hours of the day.  Officer Copeland is often commended for his ingenuity. Officer Copeland is also creative and shares his ideas with the organization to ensure we remain relevant in our progression as a professional organization.   

If you have ever crossed paths with Officer Copeland, you realize that attitudes are contagious.  The infectious smile and persistent enthusiasm Officer Copeland displays can brighten up the day for everyone he meets.  Officer Copeland is always a pleasure to work with and his service contributes exponentially to the success of the Pinellas Park Police Department.  Officer Copeland has been a leader in the pursuit of the agency’s core values of integrity, service, professionalism and dedication.  In recognition of his continued example, modeling the agency’s core values, and his influence on the citizenry of our community, we celebrate Officer Jeremy Copeland as the City of Pinellas Park Police Department’s 2021 Officer of the Year.

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