Bulletin Number 2

Bulletin 2: Reporting Procedures

Employee Schedules

During emergency operations, City employees’ schedules will be determined by the Department Administrator or designee. This scheduling may continue for an extended period of time. Shifts will be implemented to allow employees time to secure and / or arrange for necessary clean-up and repairs to their homes.

On declaration of an emergency, the City Manager will make personnel policy decisions concerning:

  • Essential personnel
  • Facility closures
  • Hours of work
  • Work assignments
  • Other matters (as needed)

Policy Changes

The Human Resources Department will distribute these policies, in writing, to City departments. As the emergency progresses, and eventually passes, these policies will be updated or amended as appropriate.

Providing Community Assistance

All City of Pinellas Park employees must be prepared to assist the citizens of Pinellas Park in the event of a disaster. Department Administrators are responsible for assigning their employees to one of the following categories:

  • Emergency Critical Personnel
    • Employees assigned as Emergency Critical must be immediately available to their departments before, during, and directly after a disaster event.
  • Emergency Essential Personnel
    • Employees assigned as Emergency Essential are allowed to go home before the event and required to report at a specified time and location after the event, or as assigned by their supervisor.
  • Emergency Non-Essential Personnel
    • Employees will go home prior to the storm and are not required to report for work until advised to do so by their supervisor.

Ongoing Communication

Communications are most important at all levels of the organization in disaster conditions. Department Administrators or their designees will contact personnel as soon as practicable regarding reporting to work. 

However, if an employee has not heard from a Department Administrator or designee within 12 hours after the disaster has passed, the employee must make every attempt to contact his or her supervisor or competent authority to inform the supervisor of his or her reporting status.

Information Sources for Employees

Employees who have not heard from a responsible authority at the City should use one of the following to receive information:

  • An employee’s usual contact number for his or her supervisor
  • City G-Mail or personal email
  • City Hall: 727-369-0700
  • Employee Emergency Information Line: 727-546-6505
  • City of Pinellas Park TV: Brighthouse Channel 641 and Verizon Channel 21
  • Bay News 9
  • TV-8 (NBC)
  • TV-10 (CBS)
  • TV-13 (FOX)
  • TV-28 (ABC)
  • Pinellas County Citizen Information Center: 727-464-4333

All employees need to ensure that they have a current City of Pinellas Park identification card to allow entry into restricted areas.

Instances of employees not reporting to work within a three day limit will be examined on a case-by-case basis afterward.