Reclaimed Water

The Reclaimed Water Division of Public Utilities first activated in fiscal year 1997/98. However, through public awareness programs and the City's long-term commitment to promote water  conservation, residents and businesses are connecting to the reclaimed  water as soon as it is available to them.  The Pinellas Park Reclaimed  Water functions as a Distribution System providing reclaimed water for  irrigation use within Pinellas Park's Reclaimed Water Service District. The City of Pinellas Park purchases reclaimed water from Pinellas  County.

Reclaimed Water personnel install, maintain and replace  as necessary reclaimed water mains, meters, double check valve  assemblies and complete all necessary work to operate the  system. Personnel maintain the operating system, make repairs, perform  tests and recalibrate meters, They also collect samples and provide  testing for foreign materials.  

Petition for Reclaimed Water Service (PDF)

Using Reclaimed Water Wisely and Safely

Reclaimed water is for irrigation use only! Proper use of reclaimed water by all  customers will help to ensure the safe and continued availability of  this resource. There are some uses of reclaimed water that are  prohibited. Because of the salt content in reclaimed water it may not be ideal for some types of plants (e.g., Azaleas, Chinese Privet,  Gardenias, Roses, Geraniums, Marigolds and some citrus trees like Mango  and Kumquat). All other citrus trees, especially orange and grapefruit,  seem to thrive on reclaimed water, provided it is not sprayed on the  leaves.

Some Typical Uses For Reclaimed Water

  • Irrigating lawns and most landscaping designs
  • Using in fountains or decorative pools (They must be clearly marked as containing reclaimed water)

Benefits from Utilizing Reclaimed Water

Conserve drinking water creates an alternative water source for  irrigation reduces fertilizing costs because reclaimed water is rich in  nitrogen and phosphorous beautifies our community by enhancing  landscaping

Public Utilities - Reclaimed Water Division:

 727-369-5850, press 4.

Emergencies after 5:00 p.m., Weekends or Holidays:

 727-369-5850 will automatically ring for assistance.

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