Employee Benefits

Paid Holidays & Personal Days

  • Ten holidays and 3 personal days
  • Firefighters who work 56 hours receive 11 holidays and 2 personal days
  • Personal days are pro-rated for new employees throughout the year


40 Hour Work Week

Regular non-union employees accrue vacation monthly, based on years of service. Annual accrual for 40 hour work week employees is as follows:

  • 0 to 5 Years = 100.08 hours
  • 6 Years = 108.12 hours
  • 7 Years = 116.04hours
  • 8 Years = 126.12hours
  • 9 Years = 134.04 hours
  • 10-14 Years = 144.12 hours
  • 15 Years = 160.08 hours
  • 20 or more Years = 184.08 hours

56 Hour Work Week

Vacation for 56 hour work week employees is as follows:

  • 0 to 5 Years = 141.60 hours
  • 6 Years = 152.76 hours
  • 7 Years = 164.04 hours
  • 8 Years = 177.96 hours
  • 9 Years = 189.24 hours
  • 10-14 Years = 203.16 hours
  • 15 Years = 225.60 hours
  • 20 or more Years = 259.20 hours

Part Time Employees

Vacation for part-time employees is prorated based on scheduled work hours.

Sick Leave

Regular employees are allowed 96 hours of sick leave annually; firefighters are allowed 134 hours per year. Part-time sick leave is prorated based on scheduled hours of work.

Other Types of Leave

  • Bereavement and funeral leave
  • Family and Medical Leave
  • Jury Duty Leave
  • Military leave for members of the reserve or National Guard
  • Voting time
  • Parental Leave

Short Term Disability

Employees who are unable to work for medical reasons (not job related) may be granted up to six months of Short Term Disability leave.

Group Medical Coverage

  • Group medical coverage is available to all full-time and some part-time employees. Coverage is also available for purchase for eligible family members.
  • The City offers a group dental plan that employees may purchase to cover themselves and family members.
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Life Insurance

All full-time and some part-time employees are provided no-cost life insurance equal to $50,000. Employees may purchase additional coverage for themselves and family members.

Employee Assistance Program

Free short term professional counseling for employees and family members. All assistance remains confidential.

Recreation Facilities

Employees are provided free membership in City recreational facilities and receive a City of Pinellas Park Library Card.

Employee Benefit Committee

Discounts to local and statewide tourist attractions as well as an annual holiday party and employee picnic. The committee also sponsors an annual golf tournament.

Retirement & Savings

All full-time employees participate in the City's retirement program. Additionally, the City offers disability retirement and tax-deferred savings. All employees contribute to Social Security.


City programs recognize the employee of the year. Special programs recognize employees in Police, Fire, Public Works, and Professional Services. Work teams are eligible for the Excellence in Teamwork Award.

Education & Training

Employees may participate in City-funded in-house and professional training.

The City's Education Assistance Program provides financial assistance for employees seeking a degree to support their professional and personal self-development goals.


The City provides uniforms at no cost to police officers, firefighters and Public Works employees.

Direct Deposit

Employees' pay is deposited directly into their checking / savings accounts in any U.S. bank.