Public Education


Our mission is to educate the public on the causes of fires and other injuries, offer ways to handle emergencies when they occur, and introduce strategies on how to prevent them in the future.

Station tours and truck visits must be scheduled in advance.

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Station Tour

Firefighters will take you on a tour of the fire station, talk about their job, and show you the fire trucks, firefighting equipment, and specialized gear.  

Truck Visit

Schools, daycare centers, and other non-profit organizations can request a truck visit from the fire department as part of their fire safety curriculum.


The Fire Department provides two types of CPR Training:

  • Heartsaver or Bystander CPR is for the general public.

  • Healthcare Provider CPR is for those in the medical profession such as doctors, nurses, CNAs, EMS workers, etc.

There are separate registration links so be sure and select the one specifically for your needs. 

Healthcare Provider CPR Registration