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Floods, Hurricanes & Hazards

The City of Pinellas Park, like any other municipality, is vulnerable to a number of natural and man-made hazards. These hazards can give rise to potentially disastrous events, property damage, and injury or death to individuals. Such events can happen with little or no warning. Being prepared is, therefore, not just a motto.

Current Flood Conditions

Weather & Climate Hazards

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Florida natural hazards don't stop with the alligator and the hurricane. Many of us take the weather in Florida for granted...except for hurricanes. We become complacent to the extreme heat, thunderstorms, lightning and heavy downpours that occur frequently during the summer.

Then, of course, there are those mild winters which-we forget-can get down into the 20s. Nor should we forget that much of Florida-including Pinellas County-is flat, and therefore, vulnerable to flooding.

Preparation is Key

Through knowledge and preparation we can protect ourselves, our property and our community. The links below will take you to information about what the natural hazards are and how to prepare for them.