Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

Regular Meetings

  • 7 p.m.
  • Last Monday of every month
  • Pinellas Park Public Library


This is an advisory board which consists of seven (7) regular members serving a two (2) year term and two (2) teen members who shall be students enrolled on a full-time basis in the ninth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth grades of a public or private school located in Pinellas County, or lawfully being home-schooled in Pinellas County and will serve a one (1) year term. All members must be residents of the city and all members are appointed by City Council.


  • Resolution 79-10-02.08.79
  • Resolution 80-20-03.13.80
  • Resolution 81-139-12.22.81
  • Resolution 82-83-12.09.82
  • Resolution 85-28-02.28.85
  • Resolution 97-6-01.09.97
  • Resolution 99-17-03.11.99