Live Local Act

Live Local Act (S.B. 102) Senate Bill 102 (2023) - The Florida Senate (

The League’s Guide to Section 5 of the 2023 Live Local Act for Florida Municipalities

 Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of development is permitted under the Live Local Act?
Housing developments in which at least 40% of the units are considered affordable* and will remain affordable for at least 30 years. 

 *Affordable means monthly rents, including taxes, insurance, and utilities do not exceed 30% of the monthly income of families with incomes at or below 120% of the area median.

Which Pinellas Park zoning districts are included?
Housing that complies with the Live Local Act can be developed in commercial, industrial, and mixed-use zoning districts that do not currently allow residential development.  In Pinellas Park, the applicable zoning districts are CN, CH, M-1, and IH.  

What is the maximum density allowed?
For developments that comply with the Live Local Act, the maximum density is 18 units per acre (the highest density in the City where residential development is allowed).   

What is the maximum height allowed?  
Equivalent to the highest height permitted within one mile of the property or 3 stories, whichever is higher.

Expedited review:  
SB 102 does not set Criteria for expedited review.  The City meets and exceeds all state permit and zoning review requirements.   

Approval Process:
Administrative approval is granted if the project meets both the Live Local Act and City zoning district requirements.  

Surplus Properties List:
The City currently has no surplus properties that are suitable for affordable housing development.