Communications & Marketing Department

Purpose & Role

The Communications and Marketing Department is located on the second floor of Park Station and serves as the communication liaison between the City and the public, providing information to residents, media, business leaders and other agencies at all levels of local, county, state and federal governments to assure accurate and timely release of requested information and to represent the City's interests in the legislative process.

Our mission is to promote a positive image of the City, by providing excellent communication between the City, general public, media, City staff and other government entities. Further, through our community outreach efforts , our goal is to enhance the quality of life and community pride for residents and visitors.

Responsibilities & Communication Methods

Our responsibilities include:

  • The coordination of major City events and performances
  • The development and dissemination of strategic marketing efforts
  • Providing media support to City departments and other divisions
  • The development and execution of multi-media campaigns and public service announcements
  • The broadcasting of City council meetings
  • The City website, mobile app and social media platforms
  • The programming for City cable channel
  • The City’s public information office
  • The information on City LED signs
  • The creation and dissemination of annual calendar and monthly electronic newsletters
  • The City’s government relations, legislative priorities and advocacy strategies
  • Park Station classroom rentals 

Further Information

For more information please call 727-369-5746.