Fire Administration

Fire Administration maintains all records for payroll, training personnel, fire alarms, inspections, and emergency medical service documents. It also formulates immediate, mid and long-range plans, formulates and administers new policies, collective bargaining agreements, rules, and regulations.

Duties & Participation

Additionally, it provides all information pertinent to fire and emergency medical services that the general public may require, and maintains the overall day- to-day administration of fire suppression, prevention, training, and emergency medical services activities. It also prepares annual budgets for fire and emergency medical services, writes and/or approves specifications for all fire and emergency medical service equipment.


This section participates in civic, fraternal, and service projects and programs, does public relations, and represents the City’s interest in all matters pertinent to fire and emergency medical services. It maintains involvement with local, state, and national fire service organizations regarding training, fire suppression, code enforcement, arson investigation, and fire administration. It also provides training to local citizenry in CPR and other public education programs.