Business Resources

With its central location, Pinellas Park is a prime area to work, live, and play - and it’s only getting better. Close proximity to airports, beaches, schools, and amusement parks makes Pinellas Park an ideal location for your business. 

Are you interested in starting or expanding your business in the Heart of Pinellas? We are happy to help. 

Before leasing or purchasing a property, please call 727-369-5848 or email to discuss your plans so we can ensure you have the best experience. 

Business Tax Receipts

To operate a business in The City of Pinellas Park, you must obtain a Business Tax Receipt.

You can do so by calling 727-369-5647, emailing, or following this link to the Business Tax Payments online center.  

The City of Pinellas Park Community Development Department combined with multiple city departments and divisions, will hold virtual Pre-Development meetings for design professionals who wish to discuss a proposed upcoming development. The goal of this meeting is to discuss the proposed project and give an opportunity for multiple divisions to note common requirements and address any concerns that may arise as we review the proposed project preliminary site plan. There is opportunity for all parties to ask questions prior to final design so that the permitting process will proceed more smoothly. 

If you are interested in a Pre-Development meeting, please contact Joel Graves, Building Development Services Supervisor at (727)-369-5633 or

Grand Openings, & Ribbon Cuttings

New business in Pinellas Park? If you or someone you know is interested in having a grand opening or ribbon cutting, please read about our services and fill out the following form. 
Grand Opening Questionnaire

Email your completed documents to or call 727-369-5746 with any questions.

The Pinellas Park Chamber of Commerce

Pinellas Park has a vibrant and engaged business community. The Chamber of Commerce, established in 1915, prides itself in uniting businesses to support economic growth. 

Their members range from industrial enterprises employing hundreds of workers, to small businesses of every stripe: mom and pop retailers, service and health care providers, and 'solopreneurs' working independently from home offices.

Please call 727-544-4777, email, or visit to get more information on the benefits of membership.


Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Fortunately, that’s our specialty. With the help of the Community Services team, the city can help ease the financial burden of improving your business. Here are some business-related grants we offer:

Façade Improvements Reimbursement Grant Program (For both Citywide and CRA)

  • All improvement plans and designs must be approved by the City of Pinellas Park prior to project start up and the applicant will be responsible for obtaining all required permits.
  • Established to assist businesses with improving their buildings to promote business attraction and retention, halt property value deterioration, promotes economic growth in the area, and preserve physical resources.

CRA Facade Improvement Grant Program Application

Citywide Facade Improvement Grant Program Application

CRA Demolition Assistance Grant Program 

  • Designed to provide funds to demolish substandard structures that are functionally obsolete or economically unfeasible to repair in order to incentivize redevelopment 
  • Applies to both commercial and residential structures 
  • Structure must be located with the Pinellas Park Community Redevelopment Area 

CRA Demolition Assistance Grant Program Application

To better understand all grant programs and for more information, please contact Lisa Clayton, Community Services Specialist at (727)-369-0670 or at

Hiring Qualified Staff

Good employees are the backbone of successful businesses. Thankfully, Pinellas Park is a melting pot of individuals with a variety of skillsets. Here are some resources that can help you recruit reliable and skilled employees.  

Crime Prevention Surveys

Pinellas Park cares about you. To help maintain a safe environment for you and your business, the Pinellas Park Police Department offers free crime prevention surveys. During a survey, police will inspect your business and make suggestions on how you can prevent crimes before they happen.