Requirements for Permitting

BUILDING PERMITS – Signed and sealed architectural plans, including details, product approval, and energy calculations.

ELECTRICAL – Electrical plans, including riser diagram and electrical calculations if required.

ENGINEERING – Plans with details that include the following if required: site plan, silt fence and track-out, building footprint with elevations, sealed civil engineering.

FIRE ALARM – Alarm low voltage schematic plan with details as needed. Electric plans as needed.

FIRE SPRINKLER – Suppression schematic plan with details needed. Include fire riser information.

MECHANICAL – Mechanical HVAC layout with equipment information. Note any condensate runs and makeup air termination.

PLUMBING – Provide plumbing plans with water, sewer riser diagrams and ADA details as required.

RIGHT OF WAY – Plans with details as required. Construction bond if required.

SIGN – Free-standing: site plan with location and setbacks, engineering structural drawings, letter of authorization from owner.

SIGN – Attached: attached signage location with building length and height, sealed engineering drawings, letter of authorization from owner.

TEMP. SIGN / BANNER – Site plan with location and setbacks. Drawing of sign including size and number. Letter of authorization from owner.


Commercial Project – Five (5) sets of signed and sealed plans

Residential Project – Three (3) sets of signed and sealed plans