City Clerk

Services & Information

The City Clerk's Office is a service department for obtaining data about Pinellas Park. It is essentially a department to which the Mayor, City Council Members and departments of the government and the general public look for information.

The following services are also provided by the City Clerk's Office:

  • Attend, record and prepare minutes for Council Meetings.
  • Be liaison to the City Attorney's office.
  • City Clerk serves as the City Records Custodian.
  • Coordinate, prepare and release public records requests.
  • Maintain assessment records and satisfy liens when the assessment is paid.
  • Maintain an index of all Ordinances and Resolutions for immediate retrieval.
  • Prepare legal advertisements and send public hearing notices to residents.
  • Prepare ordinances resolutions and proclamations for City Council.
  • Process and maintain all City agreements and contracts.
  • Process property lien searches.
  • Provide updates to keep the code books accurate as changes are approved by City Council.
  • Record Annexations, Vacations, Easements, Deeds, Satisfactions of Liens, Ordinances and Resolutions.
  • Supervise and conduct Municipal Elections.

Department Roles

The City Clerk's Office is located at City Hall and consists of the following positions:

  • City Clerk
  • Deputy City Clerk
  • Records Center Supervisor
  • Lead Records Technician
  • City Clerk Senior Office Specialist
  • Two Records Center Office Specialists
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  2. Thursday, February 2nd is the City Blood Drive & the bloodmobile will be at City Hall from 9a-2:30p

    City Hall Blood Drive

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    How to Request a Fire Report

    Fire reports are not issued by the fire department. Requests must go through the City Clerk's office. Read on...
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