Grandfather Clock Secret by Alisa Shevtsova

The sunlight blinded me as I woke up. And then I remembered that it is my birthday! I ran down the stairs and saw my aunt Olivia making me breakfast. I sat down and ate my pancakes as fast as I could. 

“Can you tell me now?” I said with excitement. “Tell you What?” Aunt Olivia asked, pretending not to know what I am talking about. 

“About my mom and dad,” I answered. 

“Oh, that, I don’t think that you are ready to know.” 

“But you promised that on my 11th birthday you will tell me what happened.” 

“Okay,” Aunt Olivia gave in, “I will tell you but don’t freak out. So, it all started with the grandfather clock.” 

“The one in my room?” I questioned her with interest. 

“Yes,” she said. “So your mom and dad were special, they had magic abilities. They were the protectors of the grandfather clock. The grandfather clock held a special power that could save us or kill us.” 

“From who?” I asked. 

“From The Shadow.” 

“Who is that?” I said, trying to hide away my fear. 

“The Shadow is a dark power of magic who will do anything to get what he wants. And what he wanted was for the grandfather clock to be his, so that he could rule the world. Your parents did not like his idea. The Shadow tried to get your parents on his side. The dark side. But your parents refused to go and work for him, so The Shadow had to think of a plan. At that time your parents had a baby and that was you. The Shadow thought that was the perfect time to attack. So he did. Your parents tried to protect the grandfather clock but most importantly they tried to protect you the most. They both knew they couldn’t beat The Shadow, so your mom and dad knew what had to be done.” 

“What?” I said, “What happened next?” 

My aunt looked as if she was about to cry. “Then,” she said, “they opened the grandfather clock and it sucked in The Shadow.” 

“Yay,” I said. “So if they beat the shadow then where are they?” 

“The problem is that... They got sucked into the grandfather clock with The Shadow but were able to give you to me. And I had promised them since that day that I will protect you with my life.” 

I started crying. It was too much to handle. 

“I knew this was too much for you,” my aunt said as she pulled me in for a hug. 

“Is there a way we can free them?'' I said with hope. 

“I don’t know for sure but it is too dangerous to start trying now. It does not matter how much we want to, it is simply too dangerous for you, for me, for the world.”

“I understand,'' I said sadly. 

“I knew you would,'' she said back. “Now, are you still hungry?” 

“No,” I said back. 

“Okay, then go upstairs and brush your teeth. I can’t have you looking like this for your birthday,” she said. 

I went up the stairs. As I entered my room I couldn’t help but walk up to the clock and look at it. It was about to be 10:00 am. 

“That is the time I was born,” I said out loud. And the grandfather clock made a sound when it was finally 10:00 am. Then a photo fell out of the clock. When I picked it up it was a picture of my mom, dad, and a baby in their hands that looked like me... 

It was like the clock was inviting me in and getting me ready for the adventure that I was going to have.