Library Filming and Photography Policy

City of Pinellas Park                                                                                            Barbara S. Ponce Public Library 


Library Policy on Filming, Photography, and Audio-Recording 


Policy Statement: The first priority for the Barbara S. Ponce Public Library is to provide library services to the citizens of Pinellas Park. While it is recognized that technology has broadened the use of video, photo, and audio applications in everyday life, filming, photography, and audio-recording are allowed on library premises only to the extent that they do not interfere with the provision of library services and are consistent with the library’s mission statement and rules. 

Note that any persons filming, photographing, or audio-recording on library premises have sole responsibility for gaining all necessary releases and permissions from persons who are filmed, photographed, or recorded.  

Also note that library staff may terminate any recording session that appears to compromise public safety or security. 


News Media Recordings

The Library has an open door policy for news media photographers and reporters who are doing stories or projects that directly involve the library and its programs. Advance authorization for such coverage should be obtained from the Library Director. 

The Library also frequently engages in photography and the recording of programs and events for its own news-sharing and publicity. Materials recorded by the library may be used in print or online outlets. Library staff will make every effort to notify members of the public when photography, filming and audio-recording is taking place. Please notify a Library staff member if you do not wish to be photographed or recorded. No names will be utilized in conjunction with photos or other recordings without express written consent. 

News media wishing to use the Library’s facilities as an interview venue for stories or projects that do not relate to the library itself; for opinion polls or for man on the street interviews; should contact the Library Director in advance. Such activities will be considered under the Library’s Policy for Use of Library Grounds. 

Documentary-Type Recordings for publication or broadcast

The Library permits photography, filming, and audio-recording of its premises and activities when the use of the photographs involves the library directly, i.e. books, articles, or videos about the library itself, the library’s position in the city of Pinellas Park as a 

tourist or learning destination, or as part of a piece used to describe our city’s environs. Advance authorization must be obtained in advance from the Government Relations Department. 

Commercial Recordings

The Library does not permit commercial photography on or in its facilities. This includes, but is not limited to, using library buildings, grounds or interiors as a stage set for portraiture, model photography, and product photography. It includes photography or filming used to advertise goods or services unrelated to the Library for commercial sale or promotion. 

Recordings for Research Purposes

The Library permits copying of its materials and resources within certain limitations. Individuals are responsible for following copyright laws and for obtaining their own permissions when copying or otherwise recording library material.  

Amateur Recordings

Casual amateur photography and videorecording is permitted in library facilities for patrons and visitors wanting a remembrance of their visit. The use of additional equipment such as lighting is not permitted. 

Recordings for Groups and Non-library Events in the Meeting Rooms 

Groups arranging meetings in the library’s meeting rooms may arrange for photographers or news media during their event. Filming or photography for such events is restricted to the space reserved by the group and may not take place in other areas of the library. 

Movie Industry 

The Library will permit use of its facilities by the movie or music industry for filming major entertainment projects where a library setting is called for, if the project does not interfere with the mission of the Barbara S. Ponce Public Library, is in accordance with the rest of this policy and does not advertise or promote commercial products. Filming may not be related to political campaigns or to partisan issues, because the Barbara S. Ponce Public Library wishes to avoid any appearance, no matter how slight, of impropriety or impression of political preference.  

These projects must be approved in advance through the Government Relations Office and/or City Manager’s Office and/or Risk Management Department, with details worked out in advance with the Library. Such filming may take place only during hours when the library is closed, and all equipment must be removed during the Library’s operating hours. Library personnel such as are necessary to open, secure, and remain on the premises during a shoot must be paid at overtime rates by the production company.