Use of Library Grounds Policy

Library Policy Governing the Use of Library Grounds

Policy Statement

The City of Pinellas Park recognizes that the public may wish to use the Library grounds for various purposes. While the Library will at all times protect the First Amendment rights of all persons as provided in the United States Constitution, restraint must be used to insure that normal Library uses are not disrupted. Thus, the Library is considered to be a limited public forum subject to certain time, place and manner restrictions. 

Any individual or group wishing to use the Library grounds by speaking or distributing petitions, surveys, or other written information of a public, noncommercial, or religious nature may do so under the conditions set forth below. Approval to use Library grounds does not imply any endorsement from the Library or the City of Pinellas Park.

Note: This policy pertains to the use of Library grounds and not inside use of the Library building. Those wishing to reserve a designated meeting space inside the library should refer to the library’s Meeting Room Policy. All users are expected to also comply with the library’s Patron Code of Conduct and other relevant policies.


1.    Commercial and for-profit activities, including sales, promotions, advertising, fundraising and personal solicitation, are strictly prohibited.

2.    All activities covered by this policy must:

a.    be approved in advance by the Library Director or designee;

b.    be carried out during the Library’s regular hours of service;

c.    occur out of the path of foot and vehicular traffic from all directions; and

d.    be conducted in an area designated by the Library and in a manner that ensures that Library users will have unobstructed ingress and egress from the building.  

3.    Those conducting activities covered by this policy must comply with all requests of Library staff and shall not: 

a.    harass or intimidate others;

b.    touch or handle any individual in any manner;

c.    block, hinder or impede travel to or from the Library or any entrance or exit; 

d.    set up any type of furniture or signage that exceeds a surface area of 3 x 6 feet or use more than 2 chairs in the allotted area;

e.    disrupt the orderly operation of the Library (This provision includes, but shall not be limited to, raised voices.); and

f.    violate any law of the United States, the State of Florida or any ordinance of the City of Pinellas Park.

4.    Permission will be granted on a first come, first served basis for any eligible party. The Library reserves the right to:                                                        

a. limit access to a single party during any given time period on the same day                                 

b. limit party representatives to no more than two individuals at the same time 

c. limit frequency of a single party’s activities to no more than once per week 

d. limit the duration of any party’s activity on any given day to 4 hours.

5.    Materials should not be taped, nailed, or otherwise attached to Library property and should not be left unattended. Users must also avoid damaging the library’s irrigation system or landscaping material. All materials and trash must be removed from Library grounds by the end of any allotted time slot.

6.    To minimize disruption to other library users, no public address, voice enhancement, light display or other similar devices may be used on Library grounds.

Those who fail to comply with the terms of this policy, the Patron Code of Conduct, or other relevant policies may be asked to leave the Library grounds and may be denied subsequent permission to use the grounds. Additionally, legal action may be pursued against individuals who refuse to comply with Library policies.