Book Donation Policy

Policy for Book Donations

October 15th, 2020 update

The library is now accepting limited donations:

  • No more than one grocery bag full at a time... patrons must be able to walk them in through the front as the delivery area is being used for curbside pick-up.
  • We only accept the following:
    • magazines published no later than the current year
    • puzzles
    • DVDs and music CDs
    • best selling fiction in "new" condition
    • best selling non-fiction in "new" condition and no older than 5 years
    • children's books in "new" condition
  • If the donations do not meet these criteria they will be turned away during this time.

The below text currently does not apply:

The Barbara S. Ponce Public Library of Pinellas Park welcomes your donated books, audiobooks, movies, music and magazines.  Based on age, condition and demand, your donation may be added to the Library’s collection, sold for extra library revenue, or potentially discarded. Because of limited collection needs and storage space, we ask that you restrict your donations to materials that meet these guidelines. 

We will accept the following in good condition:

•    Hardcover and paperback books (clean with bindings and pages intact; limited discoloration, tears and markings; no odd odors such as urine, mold, smoke, mustiness).

•    Commercially published media (e.g. DVDs, CDs) with all parts included and minimal scratching.

•    Recent editions of magazines.

Items that do not fall under the aforementioned criteria will be discarded.

We cannot accept:

•    Items that show any signs of infestation (droppings, blood spots, chew-marks, etc.)

•    Soiled, musty, or moldy items. Damaged items with broken bindings, missing pages, with smoke or water damage, or with excessive writing or other markings. Items that are dirty or dusty to the touch.

•    Large quantity of books that are not in boxes.  We are unable to return boxes or bins to donors.

•    Un-opened and uninspected materials that have been moved directly from long term storage to the Library.  

•    Condensed books (Reader’s Digest).

•    Professional journals.

•    Encyclopedias and textbooks.

•    Cassette tapes, VHS, Vinyl records.

•    Clearly outdated materials (see below for guidelines).

We accept non-fiction materials within specific limits:

•    Price guides and almanacs (current year only)

•    Medical and financial advice books (less than 5 years old)

•    Travel guidebooks (less than 5 years old)

•    Computer manuals (less than 5 years old)

•    Test preparation guides (less than 5 years old)

Bringing donations to the library:

•    Please bring your donations in small boxes or bags that can be easily carried.

•    Small/individual donations can be brought inside to the Check-out counter.  Please do not place donated materials in the book returns.

•    Delivery of larger donations need to be scheduled for our loading area; please call ahead at 727-369-0669.

•    Please Note:  Occasionally, the library must decline donations based on space and inventory capacity.  Items left outside while the Library is closed will be discarded.