Hire an Extra Duty Officer

Pinellas Park Police Officers are available for special events upon requests from citizens or businesses to meet a permit requirement or when public safety concerns arise.  The primary intent of extra-duty assignments is to provide a supplementary service to the community by assigning off-duty uniformed officers to security, crowd control, or traffic related details. The business or citizens requesting this service is required to pay for the officers services at a rate established by the City of Pinellas Park.  Requests for services which exceed the department’s capabilities or are not consistent with the professional law enforcement policies of the department will not be honored.  All extra-duty police services provided by Pinellas Park Police Department must be within the city limits.

All extra-duty requests are screened and assigned by the Pinellas Park Police Department, Professional Standards Division.

If you are a business or individual and desire to hire extra-duty officers, click here to complete the form.


The link above is to express interest in hiring off-duty personnel. The form is sent to an email address that is not always monitored. If you need an off-duty officer, and time is of the essence, you are asked to call the Office of Professional Standards, 727-369-7828. The use of the form, or the request for an officer does not guarantee that we will be able to fill your request. Ensure you receive an affirmative response from the Office of Professional Standards before planning to have an officer present.