Honor Guard Unit


The Honor Guard Unit represents the Pinellas Park Police Department at a wide variety of functions including law enforcement funerals and other ceremonial occasions. 


Law enforcement funerals are conducted in accordance with long established traditions and history adopted from military protocols.  The Pinellas Park Police Department routinely dispatches Honor Guard Unit members to funerals for law enforcement officers who have been killed in the line of duty within the state of Florida.  Attendance by Unit members is done so to honor the sacrifice of these fallen heroes, and to represent our commitment of support to neighboring communities during their times of need.    

The most common assignment of the Honor Guard Unit is the Presentation of Colors which is the formal term for presenting the American flag at formal events and special occasions.  The Honor Guard is frequently asked to present the colors at events within the City of Pinellas Park and across the Tampa Bay area.  The Pinellas Park Police Department honor guard makes regular appearances to present the colors each year for the Tampa Bay Rays, Tampa Bay Lightning, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneer sports franchises.     


The Unit consists of sworn officers who have volunteered to represent the agency and undergo the specialized training necessary to successfully represent the Department.  Unit members are selected based on their abilities to maintain a dignified, professional appearance, and based on their adherence to the agency core values of Integrity, Service, Professionalism, and Dedication.  

Assignment to the Honor Guard Unit is a part-time assignment.  All unit members serve full time positions elsewhere in the organization and come together to train, or to represent the agency at an approved function.  

Request the Honor Guard for your event

Based on availability and approval, the Pinellas Park Police Department Honor Guard would consider it a privilege to present the colors for your event.  To request the Honor Guard for your event, please complete this form.

Honor Guard Unit