Computer Use Policy

Patrons wishing to use a computer must have a valid library card or ID.   Patrons may use only one card or identity per day in order to maintain fair and equitable access to everyone. Users with a card enjoy enhanced self-service and seat selection. Users without a library card must see staff to gain access to a computer.

Patrons must abide by copyright and other local, state, and federal laws.

Intentional use of the Internet to access, transmit, or process obscene, adult, pornographic, racial or sexually discriminating material, or material meant to harass, degrade, bully or provoke another person or persons is prohibited.

Patrons are prohibited from installing, downloading, or deleting any software on library computers. Any patron access to restricted areas of the Library computers' hard drives is strictly forbidden, and could result in legal action.

Vistors are expected to follow the Patron Behavior Guidelines at all times. Failure to maintain appropriate behavior may result in loss of computer privileges or library access.

Please be considerate of others when engaging in conversations in the computer area. Whether in-person or via telephone, voices should be kept to a minimum so as not to disrupt those around you. If you need to speak loudly, your conversation should be moved to the lobby or patio area.

Patrons are prohibited from tampering with any library computer equipment, including mice. If the equipment is not operating properly, ask for help from the Reference staff. Do not attempt to fix the problem on your own.

Please be sure to complete your work on the computer, save your document(s), and make all necessary prints before your time on a computer has elapsed. The library cannot guarantee that your work will not be lost when the time management system ends a session. The computers automatically shut-down 5 minutes before closing in order to give people time to pack up and get their print jobs prior to closing.

All computers offer filtered Internet access and personal productivity programs, such as Word, Excel, and Publisher at no cost.

Youth Area general computers are for children age 13 and under. Youth Area homework computers are for youth age 17 and under. Adult Area computers may be used by patrons age 14 and older.

The Library reserves the right to limit time on the computers in order to provide equitable access to all. Time limitations are enforced by the time management system. While initial sessions are set to 75 minutes, the software will automatically offer extensions of time if there is no demand for a given machine. Cumulative daily limits may fluctuate in response to the volume of user traffic on any given day. Users may only be logged in to one machine at a time, though users can log on and off multiple times and use different machines on any given day, as availability permits. Reservations can be made at the Reference Desk, at our self-service station, and at an available computer. Reserved time slots will only be held for 10 minutes past the scheduled start time.

The Library's Internet-access computers are connected to a print management system. When you are ready to pick up your prints, you may select and pay for them at the print release station near the Youth Services Desk. All prints/copies are 15 cents for B/W 30 cents for color.

The Library cautions patrons that they should not give personal information (such as names, addresses, age, gender, e-mail addresses, credit card numbers, and telephone numbers) to strangers or web sites on the Internet.

Use of the Library's Internet computers to send and receive e-mail, chat, and instant messaging are allowed as a courtesy; however, these privileges may be revoked at the discretion of the Senior Reference Librarian.

The Library cannot guarantee that your work will not be lost in the event of a power failure or computer malfunction. We recommend, if possible, that you save your work frequently to a storage device such as a thumb drive. In addition, in the event of a power or equipment problem, part or all of your session time could be lost.

Failure to comply with these computer use policies will result in the following penalties: First Offense - restricted from use of the computers for the rest of the day; Second Offense - restricted from use of the computers for two weeks; Third Offense - permanent forfeiture of computer privileges. Exception: If the offense is deemed severe enough, permanent forfeiture may occur on the first or second offense.