Homeless Outreach

Officer Copeland


The Pinellas Park Police Homeless Outreach Team consists of a sworn Police Officer and a civilian Social Worker from Directions for Living, who has a degree in Mental Health and Substance Abuse. Officer Copeland and his partner, Rick, team up to deal with homeless related issues within the City of Pinellas Park.

Currently there are four full-time and one part-time Law Enforcement Homeless Outreach Teams in Pinellas County. Our Homeless Outreach Team patrols the City in search of Homeless or those in need of social services, along with responding to calls for service relating to Homelessness.

This program is a partnership with funding provided by the City of Pinellas Park, Directions for Living, Pinellas County, the Homeless Leadership Board, and some HUD Funding. Each year hundreds of Homeless are helped by being taken off the streets and provided shelter, housing, food, family reunification, and other services.

Tent in Woods
Homeless on the Tracks

The program, which is modeled after similar programs in the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area, also assists Homeless in obtaining mental health services and referrals to programs and services throughout the County which can help them gain employment, housing, alcohol/drug treatment, food, and other needs relating to Homeless.

Our Team assists homeless Veterans, Families, and Individuals and works with them to get them connected to the services they are in need of. Many Homeless are now in long term housing, have their own residences, and are stable and self sustaining as a result of this program and partnership. Our Homeless Outreach Team provides a resource for local businesses, churches, and residents to work with or deal with homeless issues in their areas by having an Officer who specializes in Homeless related issues who can balance Enforcement with compassion.

The Homeless Outreach Team is attached to the Community Redevelopment Policing Unit and works closely with those Community Policing Officers to assist in addressing the local community needs.

Our team’s contact info is as follows: call Officer Copeland at 727-410-7517 (Cell) or email JCopeland@pinellas-park.com