Little Free Library

How do Little Free Libraries work?

A Little Free Library is a free book-sharing box where anyone may take a book or share a book. They function on the honor system. You do not need to share a book in order to take one. If you take a book or two from a little library, try to bring some to share to that same library, or another in your area, when you can. You are encouraged to leave a book or take a book. 

Can I have a Little Free Library added to my yard? 

You certainly can create your own library for your yard. Keeping your library filled with desired materials that look appealing can be the biggest - and most fun - part of managing a library; try to involve your friends and neighbors to keep it looking tidy and fresh. To help people find your library, registration is encouraged. For information on how to go about setting up your own library or to learn more about the nationwide Little Free Library movement, check out Little Free Libraries' website.

Where can I find Little Free Libraries in Pinellas Park?

Little Free Libraries are always coming and going. Some individuals choose to formally register their libraries to make them searchable on the worldwide map, while others just quietly let them exist for those who happen to chance upon them.  You are welcome to take or donate to any Little Free Library you encounter.  

Little Free Library Locations Supported by the Friends of the Library

Keeping the Little Free Libraries stocked is a community endeavor; while the Library assists, community participation is critical to their success. If you see an empty Little Free Library, please consider bringing a few titles to help refill it.  Children's titles are always needed! If you observe damage, let us know by emailing us at

Little Free Library box at Freedom Lake Park - a blue wooden box on a post with books

Freedom Lake Park Playground 

9990 46th Street, Pinellas Park

Funded, constructed and donated by the Suncoast Woodcarvers.


Howarth LFL 2

Helen Howarth Park

6301 94th Ave

Funded, constructed and donated by the Friends of the Library. 

house shaped box containing books

Lurie Park -Wounded Warriors Ranch

 5500 62nd Ave N. 

Funded, constructed and donated by the Friends of the Library.