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Return to work and Rec Centers information
Effective Monday morning, September 11th the City has resumed clean-up operations and is assessing the impact of Hurricane Irma.
City staff is expected to return to work on Tuesday, September 12th at their normally scheduled time.  If an employee cannot return to work, due to Hurricane Irma, they should contact their immediate supervisor OR call the Employee Emergency Information Hotline (727-546-6505) and leave a voice mail message with their name, department, and anticipated return to work time/date.
The Recreation Centers are open to the children of City Employees ONLY.  City employees are permitted to wear casual attire for the rest of the work week. 
We are asking employees, other than public safety professionals, to please be flexible and carry out any duties as assigned to fulfill the mission of the City.
We have been blessed!

In the midst of Hurricane Irma, and in anticipation of power loss for an unspecified amount of time, City Administration made the decision to run payroll over the weekend rather than to wait until Wednesday of next week.

What this means is that payroll has been submitted to the banks for all employees to receive a base pay paycheck as normally scheduled on THURSDAY.  Please understand a base paycheck does not include incentive pays, extra hours worked, or overtime pay.  As soon as our power is back on, time entry is completed by all employees, and timekeepers, the Accounting Division will do an extra payroll adjustment run to provide an extra paycheck which includes incentive pays, all hours actually worked over the normal schedule, and over time as applicable.  We anticipate this adjustment paycheck will be prior to the next scheduled pay period.  We will make every effort possible to complete the adjustment payroll run as soon as power is back on.  If there are over payments, we will work through those adjustments on the next scheduled pay period.
It is very important to City Council and Administration that our dedicated employees are not concerned about pay when they are trying to focus on the safety of their families and recovery during this critical time.  We thank you all for your hard work, commitment to our City, and support during this emergency.
If you have any questions you may contact the Accounting Division Thursday or the HR Department.
Thank you again for your support and understanding.