Youth Services

The Youth Services Section is responsible for a variety of different assignments involving the youth of Pinellas Park. The two full time officers assigned to this section are responsible for teaching the DARE (Drug Awareness Resistance Education) Program at all five of the city's public elementary schools and several private schools.
In addition to their DARE responsibilities, the Youth Services Section is also tasked with conducting investigations on missing and runaway juveniles as well as tracking youth gang activity.


The Youth Service officers also serve as advisors to the teens that make up Police Explorer Post 912. Law Enforcement Exploring is a young adult program affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America for youth ages 14 to 20. The purpose of Exploring is for young adults to help their communities while learning about law enforcement. The Post is also affiliated with the National Volunteer in Police Services Program (VIPS) and has 30 active members.

D.A.R.E. Officers
Police Explorer Post 912

Further Information

If you would like to report youth problems in your neighborhood or would like additional information on the Youth Services Section, please contact us at 727-369-7825 or 727-369-7825.