Cultural Affairs


The Cultural Affairs office fosters and promotes arts and culture throughout the City of Pinellas Park. Created in 2015, the first initiative of the new office is to coordinate development of the Pinellas Park Creative District, including expansion of affordable artist residential, studio, and gallery space and the activation of the City's historic downtown through popular events such as the monthly Art Walk.

They also facilitate the emergence of the Cultural District within the Community Redevelopment Area, and to promote the arts, history, and culture throughout Pinellas Park community.

The Creative District

The city's emerging Creative District currently centers on the area between the 5600 and 5800 blocks north of Park Boulevard, extending westward to incorporate the Pinellas Park Senior Center, the historic City Auditorium, and the iconic Park Station building housing the Pinellas Park Gateway Chamber of Commerce, the Pinellas Park Art Society, the Pinellas Park Historical Society, Roe's Deli, and a suite of meeting and classrooms. This area, the historic commercial core of the city and part of the Community Redevelopment Area, has long been envisioned as an activity center where residents can access a wide variety of cultural, recreational, and entertainment amenities within a compact area that is easily accessible by pedestrians and bicyclists.

Creative Businesses

A concentration of creative businesses is now emerging in the 5600 and 5700 Blocks of Park Boulevard, where several storefronts and residential parcels were acquired by the City of Pinellas Park in 2013. The 5600 Block now hosts artist studios and galleries at 5609 and 5681 Park Boulevard, with additional art space at 5625 Park Boulevard.

In January 2016, the Studios at 5663, a suite of 10 affordable artist studios with a shared gallery, began leasing. Interested artists can find additional information by visiting the Studios at 5663 webpage. The District also offers three Artist Live Work units located within the 5700 Block. Two cottage units were constructed in 2013 along 75th Avenue, a modern shipping container building was added in 2016 at 5705 Park Boulevard.

The District also includes the gARTen, a community garden located at 5700 75th Terrace North in which neighboring residents, artists, and businesses work shoulder to shoulder combining vegetable and flower gardening with community arts. Come meet this new community during the Fourth Saturday Art Walk, launched in May 2016!

Building a Better Block

Cultural Affairs was launched with the 2015 Pinellas Park Better Block Project, which enlisted the entire community in envisioning the future of the creative district in 2015. During the two-day Better Block event in October, 2015, the 5600 - 5800 blocks north of Park Boulevard were temporarily transformed to bring the vision to life with: 

  • Amphitheaters
  • Bookstores
  • Boutiques
  • Mobile eateries
  • Musical performances at hay bale stages
  • Pedestrian amenities
  • Public green spaces
  • Shipping container art galleries
  • Temporary landscaping


Better Block 'set the stage' for the permanent development of the Creative District, engaging residents, local and regional artists, and area businesses in an effort that continues today. For more information on the Better Block project, see Pinellas Park Better Block webpage, or find the project on Facebook