City Management

City Manager's Role

The City Manager, Doug Lewis, supervises the efficient operation of all City functions. These responsibilities are carried out through his office working with local, regional, state and federal agencies.

The City Manager's Office is located at City Hall and carries out the policies established by City Council and involves all of staff in doing so. The City Manager and his staff work daily with City Council, citizens and the business community.


The City Manager is responsible for the daily City operation, which includes appointment of employees or administrative officers; direction and supervision of the administration of all departments, offices, and agencies of the City; and attends all City Council meetings and prepares the Council agendas.

Law Enforcement, Budgeting & Planning

He is responsible for enforcement and execution of all laws and acts of City Council. Preparation and presentation of the annual Operating Budget, Capital Improvement Program, Service Improvement Plan and any other reports requested by City Council is also his responsibility.

A report of the finance and administrative activities of the City is prepared at the end of each fiscal year. City Council is fully advised of all financial affairs of the City and the Manager makes recommendations to City Council relative to the business of the City.

Cooperative Relationship

The City Manager, and his staff, strive to maintain a harmonious relationship between the City and its citizens, business owners, guests, the media and other government agencies.