Meeting Room Policy

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Purpose: The library's two meeting rooms and the conference room are intended for, in priority order:

  • use by library staff and the Friends of the Library-sanctioned meetings and programs;
  • city-sponsored events;
  • use by residents of Pinellas Park for non-profit purposes;
  • use by non-profit groups in Pinellas County.

Open Access: All groups meeting in the library must:

  • offer free and open access to any member of the public who wishes to attend the meeting;
  • not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability status in providing service;
  • be responsible for providing a sign language interpreter for any individual who requests it at least one-week prior to the meeting.

Reservations: Rooms may be scheduled up to one calendar year in advance. Reservations may be taken by phone but must be confirmed through the completion of an application form. Groups are limited to two (2) meetings per month.

Cancellations: Library sponsored programs, meetings of the Library Board and Friends of the Barbara S. Ponce Public Library, and city-sponsored events take priority over all other meetings. The Library retains the right to cancel any meeting. Should this be necessary, every effort will be made to provide as much advanced notice as possible.

Groups with reservations are requested to notify the library of any cancellation at the earliest possible date to free the meeting room for other groups. Groups that fail to use a room they have reserved on two consecutive occasions without notice may lose their reserved time for the remainder of the calendar year.

Restrictions: The following uses and activities are prohibited:

  • parties, receptions, or other private social functions;
  • active recreational or athletic activities (e.g., dance, martial arts, exercise classes, etc.);
  • admission or any other fees for attendance, or requests for donations;
  • commercial or for-profit activities, or the promotion or solicitation of sales or services for monetary gain; smoking or alcohol consumption.

The following restrictions are placed on the use of the rooms:

  • occupancy is limited to: 15 - conference room; 80 - single meeting room; 160 - double meeting room;
  • minors may use one of the rooms, upon approval of the Library Director or Assistant Library Director, only when an adult (21 years of age or older) applies for use of the room, and an adult is present throughout the meeting.

Misuse: Misuse of the conference/meeting room (e.g. disruptive behavior, damage, inappropriate use of the facilities or equipment, or illegal activities) may result in immediate termination of conference/meeting room privileges. All groups using the conference or meeting room assume responsibility for any damage to the building or its contents resulting from their use of the rooms.

Waiver of Liability: All persons using any of these rooms shall be deemed to have released the City of Pinellas Park, its officials and employees from any and all damages arising out of, or resulting from, their use thereof, and further shall be deemed to have agreed to indemnity and save harmless the City of Pinellas Park, its officials and employees of and from all damages and claims, including reasonable attorney's fees, arising out of or resulting from their use thereof.

Equipment: Available equipment (e.g. VCR or DVD player, etc.) may be used at no charge. Equipment must be reserved separately and in advance to guarantee availability.

Refreshments: No food or drink, except bottled water, is allowed without prior approval from the Library Director or Assistant Library Director.

Storage: Items belonging to groups or individual members of groups may not be left in the meeting room cabinets or storage closet between meetings.

Meeting Times: Meetings may be scheduled anytime during library hours provided there is no conflict. Meetings may not extend beyond library closing time. Public meetings may be scheduled before the library opens (Monday through Friday only), though no earlier than 8:00 a.m. Meetings in the conference room are restricted to the hours of the library.

Set-up & Clean up:

  • Organizations or groups using the rooms must set up for their own meetings.
  • The person in charge of the meeting is responsible for:
    • cleaning up the room (including tables, chairs, floors, and counters);
    • restoring the room to the original set up;
    • turning off room lights;
    • completing the checklist and returning it to the staff at the Information/Reference Desk before closing.

Additional Items:

  • No organization or group may identify the library as their mailing address or headquarters.
  • If a group changes leadership, the new leader must complete a new application to ensure that the library always has current contact information for the group.
  • The library staff cannot take responsibility for the care of children left in the library while adults are attending a meeting. No child under seven (7) can be left unattended in the library.
  • Promotion of non-library events must not imply library sponsorship or endorsement.
  • Signs, charts, or decorations may not be attached to meeting room walls as they may cause damage to the paint.
  • All signs posted in the library or on library grounds to promote a meeting must be approved prior to the meeting by the Library Director or Assistant Library Director for content, size, and placement.
  • Groups are expected to furnish their own supplies (e.g., flip charts, markers, all equipment and software for PowerPoint presentations, photocopies, etc.).
  • Groups are responsible for keeping track of the time to ensure that the room has been vacated before the next scheduled group or closing time.
  • If a group is expecting a large number of attendees, the library requests that they consider carpooling or other methods of transportation to ensure that there is sufficient parking for attendees, library patrons, and staff.

Fees and Donations: The library charges no fees for the use of the conference/meeting rooms. Donations are always welcome, but not expected.

Contact: Due to the high demand for the use of the rooms, reservations will only be taken by phone or in person. For more information, or to check on the availability of a room, please contact the Reference Department at  (727) 369-0667